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Long time no update...... [Sep. 11th, 2006]
Lucky for me all of the stuff on my car washed off this weekend and I was able to drive it today. I hate getting rides with Sharpay, she always goes really fast and is constantly checking her makeup to make sure it looks perfect before we arrive at school. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten into a car accident lately.

School is blah, but rehearsals are the best part of the day. I always look forward to them because drama is like, my life, as sad as that is. I dont even care that Darbus is in a dictating fancy right now. The best part of this play? Is I dont have to compete with Troy Bolton anymore. We both get the lead males.

Oh yeah, I made friends with Emily shockingly enough. I guess we just got off to a wrong foot, she hated my ego apparently. *smirks* And I met the new girl from West High, Elle or whatever her name is. Looks like Sharpay has more compitition this year then just Gabriella.

I guess thats it.....off to my next class. Yay me. *rolls eyes*


[Sep. 7th, 2006]


I had to get a ride with Sharpay today, know why? Because two certain basketball morons decided it would be funny to completely destroy my car, with toilet paper, seran wrap, and blackened paint on the windows. Know how I knew it was them? They had a huge ass sign on my car that says "Created by Chad and Troy." *rolls eyes* You two will be hearing from my insurance company soon, you can count on that.

::Sharpay Only::

I want revenge. And I want it now. Got any ideas?


In other news, progress reports came today. I didnt do half bad in my opinion. B's and C's in everything. But of course it wasn't as great as Sharpay's report card. *rolls eyes*

OOC- Haley, if you have any objections to this lets just say that the Evans's compare Ryan and Sharpay constantly to each other....they dont care except for grades.

[Sep. 6th, 2006]
I enjoyed myself yesterday, you know why? Because I succeeded in annoying the hell out of Troy Bolton. Sure it was childish but so what? It was fun. And he was annoyed. I probably could've gone on longer but the librarian kicked me out of the library for being so obnoxious.

::Sharpay Only::

Troy and Gabriella are getting on my nerves. Something needs to be done about them. And fast. I can't go through another musical as the understudy.


I guess I'm around. Can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to hang out with me because you know, I'm pretty much amazing.


[Sep. 4th, 2006]
Well. Yesterday was uneventful. Had a run in with Bolton. Apparently he's trying to make nice or something. *rolls eyes* The day I make friends with Troy Bolton will be the day pigs fly and hell freezes over....all in the same day. And I think Sharpay feels the same way about Gabriella Montez.

Anyway, I met the new girl, Emily Thompson. I nearly ran her over because she was too busy admiring my new car. We got off to a rocky first start but managed to get past that...I might've made a new friend, who knows?

Sharpay's still jealous over my car....Sharpay, jealousy isn't very flattering on a girl, at all. Especially when its over your own twin. Even though I am something to be jealous of. *smirks*

Ugh, I guess I have to go and do that hell that East High calls homework. I'll be in my room if anyone needs me.

First post [Sep. 3rd, 2006]
Hey everyone, Ryan Evans here.....but of course you already know me. I am one of the famous Evans duo after all.

Anyway, school has been going alright, I guess. I'm not a huge fan of the academic side, but drama is amazing this year. Except for the little Troy and Gabriella issue, but Sharpay and I are working on it. We will get back to the top without anyone standing in our way....Troy and Gabriella dont belong in our drama club.

Oh! Mom and Dad got me a new car. Its SO much nicer than my old one. I was getting really sick of it. Its a *insert car name here cuz Steffie's lame and lazy*. Sharpay of course is EXTREMELY JEALOUS.

Anyway, I'm going to go for a test drive. I'm sure you guys will be admiring it at school tomorrow. I know I would if I wasn't me.


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